Western Frontier/Industrial East

United States History
Western Frontier/Industrial East
Unit Enduring Understandings:
Settlement of the Western Frontier offered many new economic opportunities and challenges, but also caused tragedy and ruin for many Native American cultures.

For America there would be winners and losers, which would include the many “New Immigrants” as the nation became more industrialized during the late 19th century.

Development of new technologies transforms all aspects of society.

Be sure to read all assignments carefully. Write your position paper giving your opinion based on the facts of the reading, in ink. This paper must be passed in on the day of discussion or receive half credit only. Late excused papers will be passed in the day you return to class.

  1. Western Frontier Visuals: Scoring Guide
          Read chapter section and design 5 questions spun from the unit Enduring Understanding
          to direct research.
  • Great Plains Indians (P. 406-414)
  • Cattle Ranchers and Miners (P. 414-419)
  • Frontier Farmers and Populists (P. 420-429)
                                                                  The Americans p. 406-429
                                                                  Video: Great Native American Leaders
                                                                  Practice Quiz
  1. Video: Ken Burn’s The West Episode 5 with Focus Questions
Video: Great Indians; Leaders and Nations
Videoclip: Dances with Wolves

  1. Populist Party Platform
     4. Crash Course in U.S. History: Industrial Economics

     5.  “The Industrial Revolution de-humanized man and made him into nothing more than an
           extension of the machines he worked on."  RUBRIC
                                             The Americans p. 435-455
                                             History of the Republic p. 384-391
                                             Evils of the Factory System (Handout)
                                             Eyewitnesses & Others “The Sweatshops of Chicago
                                             Men Who Built America: Thomas Edison

6.  Power Point: Immigration Policy "Human Face of Immigration"
                             Nation of Immigrants

7. Voices of History (Bill of Rights Institute):
    Family History Survey
    Background essay: A Nation of Immigrants
    Graphic Organizer
    Letter of Mary Garvey, Irish immigrant, to her Mother (1850)

8. Close Up Current Issues: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
                                             Closeup.org Login EP37
9.  Progressives Reform Charts
                                                                         The Americans p. 510-543

10. Group Analysis: Progressive Reformers and Muckrakers (Jane Addams, Ida Tarbell, Jacob Riis)

11. The Origins of Lynching Culture in the United States

11. Crash Course Progressives

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