America Becomes a World Power

Unit: America Becomes a World Power
         World War I

Enduring Understandings:

America’s desire to expand beyond its continental borders includes economic interests, national security and a mission to spread Western values.

Going to war will always be surrounded by conflicting interests, as well as the judgment of history on whether it was a war of necessity or a war of choice.  

Be sure to read all assignments carefully. Write your position papers giving your opinions based on the facts of the reading, in ink. This paper must be passed in on the day of discussion or receive half credit only. Late excused papers will be passed in the day you return to class.

  1. Power Point: Frederick Jackson Turner – Expansion of foreign trade
                     Alfred Thayer Mahan – Development of naval power in the Atlantic
                                                            and Pacific
                     Josiah Strong – American Christian Empire

  1. Charts: United States Imperialism --- Spanish-American War
                   Alaska, Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Panama Canal Zone
                   Analysis: Newspaper Front Page New York World
                  Guided Reading: The Spanish-American War
                                                                               The Americans p.548-574
TedEd U.S. Imperialism

3.  Case Study: Decision to Acquire the Philippines (Class Handout)

4. Lecture/Powerpoint: Causes of World War I
    Video: American Involvement in World War I Crash Course

5. Film: Fly Boy / Video: Ace of Aces (The Americans Series)

6. Underlying Causes of World War I

6. “German aggression in Europe and on the high seas was a direct threat to the security of the United States      and necessitated America's entry into the war." Rubric
                                                                           The Americans p.577-601
                                                                           Rep. Claude Kitchin (Handout)

  1. Lecture/Mapping: World War I (Allied Powers. Central Powers, Neutrals)
  1. Wilson’s Fourteen Points: Support or Oppose
          Open the Handout/FourteenPoints
          Open a second tab for Chart: Visionary or Idealist  and go to File, select Make a Copy and rename using last name, first name. Complete chart by submitting 5 entries for each category. When completed go to Share (Upper right hand corner) and share with instructor. Be sure to allow the instructor to Comment on your work.
                                                            The Americans p.604-609

Unit Test Review

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